Founded in 2013, Skyboard is a new media company based in India. We create high quality content focusing on architecture & design segment.

We are committed to showcase Indian talent to the world.

We believe that ‘Quality supersedes Quantity’, and through our initiatives, we will change people’s perceptions towards Indian architecture and give them a new direction about spaces, nature and the built envelope. Our vision is very simple - To enable the architecture & design community, create a beautiful India, worth living.

We aspire to be the default platform, to discover beautiful Indian buildings and the creators behind them.

We would love to display and be associated with architects, designers, engineers and materials that are changing the world through great design.

At Skyboard, we worked hard to define our Golden Circle:

The Founders

Dhwaj Shah - Founder & CEO

A strategist at heart, Dhwaj focuses on new product ideas, talent acquisition and brand marketing. He is responsible for laying the vision of Skyboard and ensuring everyone buys that.
Apart from work, he loves writing, watching movies, Indian food, cracking humour and reading about politics.

"Creativity is contagious"

Neetal Shah - Co-Founder

An executor at heart, Neetal focuses on content strategy, team management and communications. She is responsible for envisioning in Skyboard's telescopic dreams and executing them through microscopic attention to details. Apart from work, dance and music continue to be her passion areas.

"God is in the details"